Couples weekend in Paris, why look anywhere else but the San Régis?

If Paris and its beautiful districts are not lacking in renowned establishments, there is one that is perfectly defined as a luxury romantic hotel for couples weekend in Paris. Its name? The San Régis.

Romantic hotel in Paris, a question of DNA for the San Régis

What does it take to make a hotel establishment a hotel for couples weekend in Paris? Without doubt an exceptional room. Works of art, tapestries, paintings, a 19th century bourgeois atmosphere seems like a perfect way to immerse your couple in an intimate atmosphere . And just because the San Régis looks like it's straight out of the heyday of the 19th century mansion doesn't mean that it doesn't have modern amenities. How could it be otherwise in a romantic and luxurious hotel in Paris. The romantic aspect is also the view on the roofs of Paris, so typical, which have always been a choice image for bohemian couples in search of romance. Finally, the romanticism of the place is also expressed through the exceptional gastronomic table where you can eat in the hotel itself. There is also the ability of the hotel's Clefs d'or concierge to surprise you and to create an atmosphere that is conducive, for example, to a very special request.

Romantic hotel in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower, the San Régis to make you fall in love with it

From the San Régis, the Eiffel Tower is magical. Its glitter, its elegance, its location, what it represents, are part of the romantic imagery ofParis. At the San Régis, the rooms with a view of the Iron Lady have a special flavour. With a drink in hand, you feel alone in the world, in a privileged bubble. And when you leave your room in this romantic luxury hotel in Paris, you will still feel privileged. In the 8th arrondissement, in the famous Golden Triangle, you are in the heart of the most incredible addresses. The Champs Elysées, the Faubourg St Honoré, the Grand Palais, you will discover the romantic Paris, the cultural Paris, the shopping Paris, the gastronomic Paris: these are the arguments to make Paris the city of lovers. Your stay in this romantic Parisian hotel will be an unforgettable moment for your couple.



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