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At The San Régis Hotel our main priority is your satisfaction.
That's why we do everything we can to guarantee the protection of your personal data.

This charter covers the use, collection and processing of your personal data only when they are collected on our site.

When managing your information, the San Regis consider all the legal measures in relation of the protection of your personal data.

The privacy policy of our website is very strict, we do not collect your data during a simple visit.

1-Consent, deletion and blocking of your personal data

Without your consent we won’t use or collect your personal data. Your personal data will be use only according to your agreement. Once you gave us your consent, we will be able to send you some information about our products and services available in our establishment.

Moreover, at any time you can cancel your consent. We will erase all your personal data if you retract your agreement. As well, you have the possibility to contact us if you want to block completely or partially your data. In this case you must give us the length of time for which it should be put in practice.

2- Security and third-party access to your personal information.

The use, collection and processing of your personal data is carried out by us and by an authorized service. If the collect is made by our external services, we will ensure that they adhere to the relevant legal data protection regulations and the resulting obligations from this privacy policy. However, the participation to online competitions, can, for example, lead to the use of service providers and to a diffusion of your personal data.

In all the other cases, third parties will not have access to your personal data. The San Régis will not sell or use your personal data for other means. However, in case of legal requirements we will have to give your personal data to government authorities.

In order to prevent the loss, alterations, theft or access by unauthorized third parties we have enforced technical and organizational measures.

3-Use of cookies.

A cookie is a small file who his written on your hard driven by some web sites. Only the personal information that you provide will be collected by the cookies. Moreover, a cookie can’t read hard drive existing information.

However, the utilization of cookies helps us to improve the performances of our website and to deliver you a personalized experience. That is why our website uses your cookies in order to give you the perfect experience. The use of cookies allows us to manage the traffic and how you visit our site to make it the most optimal for your navigation and improve your experience. All data collected through cookies are anonymous, the cookie recognizes only the computer and not the computer user. To browse our site, you are not obligated to accept cookies, our site can be used without cookies, there will be no incident. Nevertheless, most browsers are configured by default to accept cookies, if you want to disable them you must go into your browser settings. If you would like more information about cookies, we invite you to consult the help documentation of your browser which is available on internet.

4-Alteration of this data protection notice and contact

This privacy policy is constantly updated. We can therefore be obligated to adapt this data protection policy to end in perfect agreement with the legal or factual changes of the basic conditions.
If you have any question about the collection, storage and use of your data do not hesitate to contact us at the following email address:




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