A hotel brunch in Paris: choose the authentic formula

A brunch in a hotel in Paris is easy to find as it is so appreciated by Parisians and tourists. But to find THE good hotel, the one that has found the balance between a unique room and a gourmet brunch, there is only one address: the San Régis hotel.

A Sunday brunch in a luxury hotel in Paris, a whole program

The San Régis Hotel is a luxurious and refined 5-star hotel which, for a century, has attracted artists and personalities of this world in search of rest and a setting, very Belle Époque, simply authentic. Every detail, every piece of furniture, every piece of art is unique and designed to create a timeless place in the heart of the 8th district. From the hotel services, such as valet parking, to the comfort of the bedding, from the restaurant under the glass roof to the art objects in each room, everything plunges you into another atmosphere, like few others in Paris. For a romantic stay, for example, this hotel is ideal. And you'll also love being able to extend your unforgettable night with a hotel brunch in Paris. This Sunday brunch in this luxury hotel in Paris, inspired by the chef's gourmet, healthy and local cuisine, will undoubtedly leave you with a gourmet memory.

Luxury Sunday brunch at San Régis

The hotel brunch in Paris at San Régis is first of all a taste of the cuisine of the restaurant Les Confidences. You will find the same lightness, the freshness and the know-how of a chef and his team that are no longer to be proven. The brunch menu is renewed regularly to offer you a generous and refined gustatory surprise at each visit. It is of course accompanied by the best of the best, such as champagne, and a team entirely dedicated to your service. This gastronomic cuisine sublimates this 5 star hotel. Good news! Sunday brunch at this luxury hotel in Paris is open to all, even if you are not a hotel guest. While the San Régis has been enchanting since the 1920s, it is a bit of its prestige that you come to taste at its table every Sunday in the late morning.



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