A luxury boutique hotel in Paris 8th

Guests at San Régis stay in a sumptuous and refined setting. This luxury boutique hotel in Paris 8th is a former private mansion built in the 19th century. The owner of the establishment has completely renovated it in order to offer an unforgettable experience to his customers. The latter particularly appreciate the discreet and attentive service. 

A luxurious boutique hotel of the 8th arrondissement of Paris in France

This luxury boutique hotel of Paris 8th arrondissement is located not far from Avenue Montaigne, the Grand Palais and the Champs-Élysées. San Régis is a boutique hotel tastefully decorated by decorator Pierres-Yves Rochon. The owner is a lover and an art lover. Most of the period furniture, paintings and other items were found by the owner himself. He ensured that the hotel's atmosphere was both family and friendly. As a result, each of the 12 suites and 30 rooms has a unique decoration. None of them are alike, allowing guests to experience an unparalleled stay. Anyway, they enjoy a spacious and bright room. The suites consist of a private lounge that communicates with one or two bedrooms. 

A 5-star boutique hotel with an intimate restaurant in the centre of Paris in the 8th arrondissement of Paris

San Régis is a luxury boutique hotel located in Paris in the mystical 8th arrondissement, known for its exceptional setting, but also for its intimate restaurant. Indeed, the restaurant Les Confidences is one of the best addresses in the French capital in terms of delicacies for fine gourmets looking for peace and quiet. This place invariably evokes a pleasantly landscaped conservatory with its large majestic glass roof. Nature is highlighted with the chosen style of decoration. Customers then sit down in a green setting thanks to the precious water-green fabrics. The latter are associated with magnificent plant walls. It is also possible to privatize the adjoining Boudoir. This one is characterized by a retro decor and customers are seduced by the charm of the old one. It is indeed sublime with its imposing bronze chandelier and chimney. Chief Romain Leydier is at the head of the brigade of this friendly and chic place. He relies on a light and healthy cuisine. All the dishes on the menu are made with passion from seasonal products. The restaurant is open every day at lunch and dinner time.



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