A 5 star hotel in Paris between luxury, calm and voluptuousness

Paris, capital of France, but not only. It is also capital of fashion, capital of culture, one of the high places where artists come and meet to let their creativity express itself. Paris is also a city steeped in history. From revolution to human rights, from kings, emperors then presidents every step, every generation has left its mark in Paris. That is why, and for so many other reasons, Paris is a unique city that is so appreciated by travellers from all over the world. For a stay in this unique city, you need a 5 star hotel in Paris 8 also unique. This setting, the San Regis, is at the heart of the Golden Triangle that forms the Champs Elysées as well as the Avenues Montaigne and Georges V. A situation which makes one dream by the prestige which it supposes, by the proximity with the great places of shopping and culture in Paris.

5 star Hotel Paris 8, Artistic destination

The San Regis is a 5-star hotel in the 8th district of Paris with an international reputation. Regularly cited as one of the most beautiful hotels in the world, the establishment deserves all the superlatives that the specialized press and the artists who visit it attribute to it. This hotel in Paris 8 is first and foremost the luxury of discretion. Far from the flashy facades, the San Regis is a 19th century mansion house that you can discover at the bend of a quiet street. The door pushed, one enters a world of refinement where the least decoration is a work of art chosen with care or antiquity. Nothing is left to chance in this luxurious hotel to pay homage to both the magnificent 19th century building, but also to offer a special environment. Artists will find in the setting and atmosphere a unique style in Paris, a universe conducive to let their talent speak. This 5-star Paris 8th district hotel offers all the comfort imaginable of an establishment of this standing. We prefer to stop at the gastronomic restaurant, a cuisine as refined as the setting of the room. We will talk about the warmth of the bar, the tea room where we will enjoy spending precious and unique moments in the image of the whole hotel.



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