A hotel to live the week at the rhythm of fashion

Fashion meets in Paris

Paris Fashion Week is always a great event. The greatest couturiers and their famous haute couture houses are concentrated in Paris. Numerous fashion shows are organized in prestigious venues to present new trends, the most creative daring and the work of the most talented designers. Paris lives during this Fashion Week a particular effervescence. Every person, every company in the fashion world wants to be there and be visible, meet future professional partners, find talent and simply get informed. A luxury hotel for Fashion Week therefore seems essential as the best way to stay in Paris, but above all to find a haven of peace that will allow you to rest in exceptional conditions, far from all the hustle and bustle of this great event.

San Regis, the sure thing for Fashion Week

The San Regis is the 5 star hotel for Fashion Week that must be booked if you want to stay close to events and in a sumptuous setting. This setting is that of a historic building but entirely renovated by a renowned interior architect. He combined his unique talent in decoration with the unconditional passion of the owner of the premises in antique furniture. Thus, in each room, in each staircase, in each corridor, the guest is surprised to admire the correctness of the decoration, the perfect marriage of colours, fabrics, art objects and everything that makes a decoration. Rarely elegant, this hotel is also a modern and comfortable establishment. Among all the amenities, we will note air conditioning, wifi, the loan of a laptop computer or game consoles, satellite television or suites furnished as an apartment. Beyond the rooms, the common areas will also leave you speechless. The restaurant is particularly famous and its decoration will enchant you with its magnificent glass roof. From a service point of view, the evocation of a "Clés d'or" concierge is already an experience without any possible reproach. You will live in the most pleasant way your Parisian week in this 5 star hotel near Fashion Week.