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Teatime in Paris

Cosy and elegant

Leave the busy streets of Paris and their buzzing fashion shops behind you for a sweet break. Every afternoon, the hotel Lounge and Bar turn into a tea room with a quiet and elegant atmosphere where one can sit and enjoy a hot drink and a few biscuits and others sweetnesses: pastries, cookies and cakes that will help power up to go back shopping in a few more shops on the Champs-Elysées or the Avenue Montaigne.

An old tradition

Imported from China and the whole asia in general, tea rooms and tea houses were quickly adopted by europeans and british in particular. Those establishments are mainly attended by ladies that gather around hot beverage, the tea, and some scones covered in clotted cream and jam. In France, the scones have been replaced by biscuits and cakes and coffee or hot chocolate are sometimes prefered to tea.

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